About JRE

JRE has been operating as a training organization for 45 years.  We employ over 50 adults with disabilities that range from mental and emotional to physical challenges.

Recycling Service

Recycling means less waste in your dumpster! Which could possibly mean they need emptying less often...

You may be able to cut your trash collection in half!

Aluminum Cans

We pay for aluminum cans that your bring in.

We DO NOT take aluminum siding, windows, doors or gutters etc...

We provide much needed community services, including lawn care, janitorial services and all the recycling services for our area.


There is only so much land so the more we recycle the longer our landfills last.

FACTS:  Cardboard takes 5 years to decompose.

Aluminum takes 350 years to decompose. 

There is no limit to the amount of times aluminum can be recycled.

Glass takes 400 years before it even begins to decompose. 

Glass never wears out and can be recycled forever.

Plastic bottles take 700 years before they begin to decompose.

Welcome to our Web Site.

Jackson River Enterprises is an employment services organization in Covington, Virginia which is found in the Alleghany Highlands in the Western edge of Virginia.  We are located at 825 West Edgemont Drive, Covington VA  24426.

welcome to jackson river enterprizes

  • November 15th
    National Recycling Day.
    April 22nd Earth Day.

    We provide much needed community services including lawn care, janitorial services and all the recycling services for our area which includes Covington, Clifton Forge, Iron Gate, Selma, Low Moor and Alleghany County.  We also service Bath County and Highland County.

Environmentally Friendly.

JRE is proud to be able to offer recycling services, but it is important to remember how recycling helps both you and the environment.recycled glass bottles

Jackson River Baskets

Virginia Basket
Visit jacksonriverbaskets.com to view our hand made baskets and custom gift baskets.  We can accommodate your request for personalized gift baskets and we also offer VA made products.

FACT:  U. S. taxpayers are charged $500 million every year for crews to pick up litter along state highways.
  Americans throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour.
FACT:  Each year, Americans throw away 25 trillion Styrofoam cups that cannot be recycled.  Please choose plastic or paper which can be recycled.
FACT:  When you smell a dump, what you are actually smelling is the odor from the paper in the dump.
FACT:  Currently the only source for new tin in the U. S. is from recycling used tin cans.

Community Trailers

  • LOCATIONs...

    Douthat State Park.
    Boy's Home.
    Clifton Middle School.
    S.J Neathawk Lumber on Monroe.
    Sharon Fire House.
    Iron Gate Town Hall.
    Falling Spring School.
    Boiling Spring School.
    Krogers in Clifton Forge.

  • and at our JRE location on Edgemont Drive.



  • OUR HOURS...

  • Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday 9am-3pm.  For information regarding holiday closings, weather related closings, aluminum pricing, scheduling tours or more information on our products and services, please call 540-962-3441.

    If calling after hours, please leave a voicemail with your name and number so we may return your call.

    Email us at :
    for answers to all your recycling questions, comments and ideas.


    We thank you for your recycling efforts. By following these easy steps, we can have a quick and effective recycling program in the Highlands and make our world a better place.

  • FACT:  Americans throw away enough aluminum in 3 months to rebuild all of our commercial airplanes.

    FACT:  The Container Recycling Institute (CRI) estimates that the 36 billion aluminum cans that end up in landfills yearly have scrap value of more than $600 million.  Someday we may be mining our landfills for the resources we've buried!!!